Samus the Tentacle Trap

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Samus obtained an anonymous telephone call this evening ordering her to quickly return to the Galactic Cops Department. The unfamiliar person's voice appeared really familiar, so the lady complied with the order and hit the trail. She saw a strange sight when Samus got here at the station. There was no person in the area where there should have been a great deal of people, and then she understood that it was a trap, yet it was already far too late. Suddenly her old colleague appeared and introduced himself as a rep of the Galactic Cops. He claimed that their goal is to ensure the safety and security of the galaxy and for this they are looking for crime-fighting professionals. He added that Samus has the necessary credentials and can be their assistant. Samus understood that the telephone call was purposefully routed to her in order to aid the Galactic Cops in their search. She agreed to join them to aid fight criminal activity and protect the galaxy from evil. As a new assistant, Samus felt specifically proud due to the fact that she recognized she was doing something for the good of the galaxy.