Thousand Days Later

If you rember there was quite joy and a bit unusual anime porn visual book"Crusoe had it effortless" about the relations of young dude and gal at a island in which they ended up afte rthe crash (if you don't then look fo rit on the website). The bargain is this game is assumed to be some kind of epic sequel. The story is going to happen on the identical tropical island which might be a terrific spot to spend vaca on it... unless ome mysterious occasions ha sbrought you and your cousin without any chnace son-in-law leaviung this place anytime shortly. Some evaluation that is severe will be place under by ofcoruse from today in your relations and your choice will define exactly how precisely this narrative will end. And you nicer think good on what you will do or say since that game has nine (! )) Endings in complete rather than all them are considered as happy ending. Play now »