Dungeon Sex Slave Level 4

The frequent portion of a interactive flash game a couple of lovely lady who got to a dim and shuddery maze. Mirrors droop on the walls of the maze. Lovely woman with ample watermelons, pretty face-the heroine of the game. But did you get here? A means to understand some way from this massive labyrinth. Use the arrow keys to navigate the maze. Typically you may meet various women. They're knocked up and surrounded by a few strange slime. The foot gate has been barred. You wish to look for the key. Suddenly you hear considerable respiration for you. You switch about and visit a sizable inexperienced monster with an enormous dick, that is savagely and savagely seeing you. He needs to kill you or viciously rape you. Kill the creature and proceed sorting out some way out. Save the women from slime and they can suggest you bonuses. If you get caught, they're going kill you. Realize out some way presently. Play now »